What You Need to Know About Money and Your Happiness

I saw this on the wonderful happify.com – Take a look. 

I’ve written a few blogs on money which you may be interested in too.

Taboo #3 Money – Covid-19 Edition.

Worried about running out of money?

Money for nothing and your kids for free?

Will the Corona Virus spell the end of cash?? Card or $€¢£¥₽₩₪฿₫₴₹??

Obviously money invades all subjects especially when we are at the time of life when making more may be more difficult and we tend to use our capital and pensions for day to day sustenance.

Pensions – Part 1

Pensions – Part 2

Recently one of our oldest citizens worked right up to her death so would seem never to have needed a pension (albeit I’m sure if she had it would have been rather more generous than ours!) 

When will YOU retire? The average is long before state pension age at 59, poll claims, but older workers reckon they’ll put it off to 64 and the Queen worked until 96!

The history of pensions is interesting in it’s own right too – See Pensions – Part 2 above.

If you have had the forsight to pay into a pension you may be set for life, however there are pitfalls as well as opportunities!

Pension Pots

There is much more too – please take a look through and if you are not yet following please do so. 

It is currently a globally difficult time for our economies (except those with huge oil reserves, sun for solar power and the absence of war!) 

Who would have guessed that King Solomon and his gold would be a good investment now? I couldn’t possibly say that it is but when stocks go down and/or are so volatile it might be! 

In these difficult times I wonder if we will eventually fall back to the old ways and barter for goods and services? 

What can you give for a free blog? Gold would go down well but a comment and following would be nice too!

I’m going to finish with one of my grandmother’s favourite quotes:-

‘Look after the pennies and the pounds* will look after themselves!”

* Works with $€¢£¥₽₩₪฿₫₴₹!!!

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