Old couple walking travel

My story – T&P

T and P are both retired General Practitioners with two grown sons and four grandchildren.

T says: ‘Since we retired at the age of 60, we have hardly been at home. Last year, we took our fourth trip to Australia and drove through the desert in a motor home.

‘We love the desert and wild places, and as we both still have our health and vitality, we don’t see anything wrong in enjoying our freedom.’

The couple own their four-bedroom house, with a large garden, and have no mortgage. They also have substantial pensions built up during their working lives.

T admits they have dipped into savings to fund their lavish trips, but says: ‘Why not? We have both worked long and hard, and the boys understand that it’s our money.

‘I think our generation of pensioners has a different attitude. While other generations might have saved for the next generation, we don’t see why we shouldn’t have the time of our lives during our retirement.’

The couple own a three-bedroom house in the south of France, and P has an Austin Healey sports car. T says: ‘We paid for the private education of both boys, and we worked full-time before we retired.

‘Now this is “our” time and we’re determined to make the most of it. We will leave the boys something, of course, but that isn’t our priority.

‘In August we are going to South Africa, and we are going to drive up the coast from Cape Town. As long as we have our health, we’re going to enjoy our hard-earned money.’

T says her sons joke about their parents blowing their inheritance — but both have successful careers of their own, one as a surgeon, the other as an accountant. She admits that despite this their sons are envious of their lifestyle and their ability to travel. Whether their sons will be able to enjoy the same fruits of their labour in retirement is rather more debatable.


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