Blogs we like!

Here’s a list of other blogs we find may be of interest.  If you have a favourite blog that you love to read, please drop them in the comments below so that we can check them out.

Simply Living Over 50

Simple Living is living a healthy lifestyle blog which focuses on eating healthy foods, exercising each day, spending time close to nature and finding peace within yourself. Many of the blogs on this website are centered around the author’s struggles with Type II Diabetes and finding the answers to cure himself. Many are about his struggles with smoking and the solutions he has found to quit the dirty little habit.

» Check out this blog they recently published called mountains of tomatoes.

Sightings Over Sixty

This blog is written by a baby boomer, for baby boomers and looks at health, finance, retirement, grown-up children, and how time flies. It’s an entertaining blog that looks at nearly every topic you can imagine in a light and easy to digest format.

» Read this humorous little blog called “How to know you are retired” for a chuckle.

I retired young

This blog is written by a 47 year old who retired young.  He is blogging about how much it costs to live and what he does with his extra free time in case this helps with your own decision to retire early.

» Read this thought provoking take on why people lie about being retired


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