The Oracles Special from USA TODAY

10 reasons (some) successful people never retire, even after they’ve made millions (or billions)

I thought I would post this as a somewhat alternative view to that of my own, that is although I want to stay engaged my motivation and direction has and continues to shift. Some here have tried retirement, some know it will never be for them, whilst others don’t see ‘work’ as many of us do, possibly because being successful allows one to do what one wants with the less fun bits delegated to others (?!)

So here it is – NOT my work but the work and philosophies of others. Make of it what you will, no judgement, just different points of view.

Actually I NEVER thought I’d retire early on in my career, then got to a point that I was DEFINITELY going to retire, just waiting for the right moment, however as time and life moved on and ‘retirement’ got closer I felt some unease and have changed the way and the time I spend ‘working’ to the point that I can honestly say – the less I work, the more I enjoy it. Meaning I’ll in all probability ‘work’ for longer, less hours, less money, less impact, less control, less responsibility but MORE, much more of the positives I have in my life NOW – TOYL is surely the destination, the Time Of Your Life – maybe like these ‘Oricles’ you already have it so why change a good thing?

The Oracles Special to USA TODAY Published Mar 28, 2020

Why do people with millions in the bank keep building? Why don’t they just take the money they have and sail off into the sunset? What is it that compels them to keep empire building?


USA Today asked these mega successful entrepreneurs and Advisers in The Oracles, who could all retire today if they wanted to, why they keep going. Here’s what they said.

  1. Business is the ultimate sport

Business is the ultimate sport, and I’m the ultimate competitor. I get to build companies, have a social impact by helping our stakeholders, and help others compete in industries that can be disrupted. Next up is healthcare.

Mark Cuban – The Oracles


  1. I get to constantly reinvent myself

I sold The Corcoran Group to spend time with my young son but quickly realised the stay-at-home life wasn’t for me. It took me four years to understand that my business wasn’t the golden goose — it was just a golden egg, and I was the goose who could lay another.

So I set out to reinvent myself in stages and have no plans to retire. I swear I’ll die in my “Shark Tank” seat!

Barbara Corcoran – The Oracles


  1. I’m motivated by helping others.

Anyone willing to learn and work hard can live comfortably. The “how” of success is straightforward, but it’s the “why” that counts most. Mine is positively impacting 1 billion people by giving them the tools to be successful. That’s what motivates me to jump out of bed and work seven days a week.

If money is your motivation, you’ll either give up when faced with the pain required to build something great or you’ll quit at the first sign of success. No amount of money can buy sustained fulfilment — unless you use it to help others. Find a way to combine what you love with what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. That’s the path to fulfilment.

Mike Peters – The Oracles


  1. I enjoy the thrill of empire building.

We help entrepreneurs and growing companies succeed and it’s hard to imagine walking away from the thrill of seeing our work directly impact people’s businesses. Even after 16 years, I stay extremely close to each new client, paying meticulous attention to why they came to us and how we ensure they have the best accounting possible to help drive their business forward.

In a way, we get to enjoy building not just our empire but theirs too.

Dennis Najjar – The Oracles


  1. Retiring is against my nature.

Wealth and success come from reaching a certain level of performance or expertise. To gain that, you have to be a specific type of person with passion and drive. Successful people never stop because they have goals and the ambition to achieve them. Wealth and success are just side effects.

Even if the goal is wealth, they inherently look for the next challenge once they reach it. That’s why we don’t stop. It’s against our nature and doesn’t make us happy. There’s always something more to do, learn, or achieve.

David Hoffman – The Oracles


  1. The challenge inspires me.

True entrepreneurs don’t see business as work; it’s akin to breathing. For me, it’s about gamification. You’re in an ever-changing environment where your skills are taken to the next level, and there is always a new challenge. Fierce determination and willingness to ride out the storms drive me to stay in the game.

Besides, success isn’t about reaching the mountaintop. It’s a stepping stone to the next mountain and a way to explore what else life can offer.

Gail Corder Fischer – The Oracles


  1. I’m passionate about people.

I’m addicted to seeing people’s lives transform. I live for the moments when someone goes from darkness to light and from doubt to belief. Retiring would be selfish; I want to give back to humanity what was given to me.

Every time someone becomes a citizen of Believe Nation, our empire of world changers grows. I’m compelled to continue until Believe Nation touches billions of lives by giving them new ways of thinking.

David Imonitie – The Oracles


  1. I’m addicted to the chase

A few years ago, I watched Matthew McConaughey’s Oscars speech about chasing his hero: himself 10 years in the future. He’s never satisfied; always chasing that guy. That’s why I build every day. What drives me most is my dream, whatever that is at the time. I will pursue it until I reach it. Along the way, extraordinary things happen, and it doesn’t feel like work.

When you find your vision and chase it at full speed, your empire will grow, and the money will come on its own.

James Sixsmith – The Oracles


  1. I’m creating a legacy.

I need to make progress to be happy, so standing still will never be an option for me. My motivation is to majorly impact millions of lives and create something that lasts. I’m driven by morals and values, not money, which leads to different decisions and results.

Once you’ve reached a certain point financially, your income is only feedback on your performance. So challenge yourself over and over.

Markus Hetzenegger – The Oracles

Legacy….What’s it to be?

  1. I love the game.

I love business, growth, and creating too much to retire, no matter how big our company gets. Continuously improving and contributing in more meaningful ways is what drives me. It’s a journey of constant growth and a game that never ends.

We keep score by the money we make because it measures our impact, but money isn’t the motivation. Why do the world’s top athletes keep going when they’ve made more money than they can spend? They all say the same thing: for the love of the game.

Yuri Elkaim – The Oracles


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Not for you? Me neither! Maybe Groucho had it right?



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