20 tips for a happy retirement. #8 – Make a list of aims – Bucket list

Take your pick or better still come up with some of your own.


Go first class

Go on a rail trip around Europe

Go on a safari

Go on a walking holiday

Go on a backpacking holiday

Go on a canal boat holiday

Go on a World Cruise



Grand Canyon


Taj Mahal



Great Wall of China


Victoria Falls

Chichen Itza





Learn how to play an instrument

Learn & Study for a degree

Learn a new language

Learn to dance

Learn how to draw/paint

Learn how to swim

Learn how to ride a bike

Learn magic tricks

Learn to ski

Learn to make your own cocktail

Learn to cook something exceptional

Learn how to surf

Learn a new sport

Learn how to make your own beer/wine

Learn how to whistle

Learn how to juggle

Learn photography

Learn calligraphy

Learn to ride a horse

Learn how to scuba dive



Witness a solar eclipse

Witness a great sporting event

Witness shooting stars

Witness the Northern Lights

Witness Everest from base camp



Tea at the Ritz

Swimming with dolphins

Sunset over …

Spa weekend

Helicopter ride




Bungee Jumping

Hot Air Ballooning


Revisit the Past

Look up an old friend

Research your family history

Create a family tree

Revisit your honeymoon destination

Organise a school reunion

Learn the history of a place you love

Give an heirloom to someone you love

Visit where your parents grew up

Write a journal of your memories

Create a scrapbook for your children

Visit locations from your childhood


Achieve a Life Event

Buy a house

Conquer a fear

Fall in love

Get married / Divorced


Learn to drive

Adopt a pet

Throw yourself a milestone party

Write a book


Adventurous Activities

Go skinny dipping

Change your hair colour

Set a Guinness World Record

Send a message in a bottle

Go to a casino

Try acupuncture

Invest in something crazy

Get your 15 mins of fame

Meet an exotic animal

Meet a celebrity

Try a new cuisine

Swim in the ocean

Drive Route 66

Watch the sunrise in a beautiful location

Pose for a life drawing class

Swim with dolphins

Get a tattoo

Test drive the car you’ve always wanted

Pull an all-nighter

Go zip-lining

Sleep under the stars

Go up in a hot air balloon

Do something embarrassing

Get a dramatic new hairstyle

Go to a festival

Sky-dive / bungee-jump

Do karaoke in public

Go on a ghost hunt

Visit a nudist beach


Do Something You haven’t got around to

Start a business

Write a book

Build something from scratch

Decorate your home

Watch that film you’ve always wanted to

Eat at one of the world’s top restaurants

Read that book you’ve always wanted to

Wear that item of clothing you’ve always wanted to (e.g. bikini, bright colours)

Do Something for Someone ElseDo a sponsored walk/run


Pay for a stranger’s drink

Volunteer at a community project

Hide money in random places for strangers to find

Take your family on a surprise vacation

Pass on a skill / hobby

Renew your vows

Adopt a stray

Leave a big tip at a restaurant

Plan a surprise party for a loved one

Leave a message in a public place for someone else to find

Give a stranger a compliment

Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day

Donate blood

Volunteer for charity


Feel free to let me know about your bucket list!


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