Help me out here! (please)

I’m struggling to keep going with this blog, not because I’ve written everything there is to know about retirement but because I don’t know of what to write. I started this blog being at a bit of a loss as to what ‘retirement’ may look like for me by looking out for what others were doing and have done. But also to hopefully learn lessons from them and in the main to avoid the pitfalls when leaving the world of TOIL and hopefully finding out how to become a TOYLer extraordinaire! However over 4 years after having started I am still working albeit sub-full-time. This was not the plan and I’ve failed somewhat in the main by having a flawed plan, that plan being rather like some forms of psychotherapy that dig deep to find the root of ones angst and when the cause is found, (Freud would say mother/father/sex etc.) there should be an A-HA! moment and a realisation that leads to some clarity and an ability to move on and leave all the distress etc. behind. So far no A-Ha! and the benefits and downsides of staying at work seem to outweigh the fears of the UNKNOWN! What do I lose? Maybe more than I realise, possibly just the stress but who will I be as a retiree and what if it isn’t all I’m trying to imply with the Time Of Your Life theme? A-Ha – answers welcome! 

I have covered the Known:Knowns and have gained some understanding of the others but in the main remain a bit lost especially as my gut tells me that there may be some pretty frightening Unknown:Unknowns out there as yet undiscovered and so the world of TOIL still seems a safer place albeit getting more difficult to sustain in many ways and as I approach the inevitable I’m keener on actually making the decisions that need to be made to ‘jump’ rather than be ‘pushed’ by circumstances outside my control. So I’d like some feedback, some ideas, some stories of hope and maybe some content. When I have got stuck before I have stumbled upon lists and have used these as a start point and so the TABOOS and 20 tips for a happy retirement as well as forwarding and commenting and forwarding on of the great GUARDIAN series A new start after 60 – a blog saver! So there’s no getting away from the future and I too am getting old enough to be one of the elderly, so what do THEY do?? Well I’ve found another list!

22 Hobbies for the elderly

  1. Focus on Health – me!
  2. Art – I know what I like, but is it art?
  3. Dancing – two left feet
  4. Golfing – actually hitting the ball would be a start!
  5. Volunteering – do that.
  6. Sports – see golf and dancing – Mr uncoordinated!
  7. Fitness activities – see above, but I try (My last run was a prelude to hospital see #1)
  8. Gardening – I try but I kill all before me!
  9. Games – for kids? 
  10. Caring for a pet – Trouble looking after me, would a pet be fair? 
  11. Writing – blocked
  12. Cooking – I like cooking and sometimes even like what I’ve cooked. 
  13. Puzzles – Wordle only
  14. Book reading – on vacation – maybe some book reviews? see #11
  15. Model building – not me, is it you? 
  16. Antiquing – nature seems to be doing this to me without much help.
  17. Geneaology – Apparently a standard bearer at the battle of Bannockburn – It’s a wonder the lineage didn’t end there!
  18. Bird watching – Lot’s in my garden, some have names, Harry the Heron for one. 
  19. Baking – See #12
  20. Travelling – Gotta get outta here!
  21. Community GroupsSheddington (Look it up!) 
  22. Adult Learning – It gets SO much harder as one ages, Guitar & Spanish. 

I’ve covered quite a few so am happy to rehash some old blogs but would love it if anyone out there has an interest in any of the above or even something else – I’m more than happy top expand the list as I’m sure this is but a small part of a much larger whole!

(Music for one seems to be missing unless we include it in #22 – Adult learning which I’m guessing is a whole new list of endless possibilities!) 

So, HELP ME OUT HERE! Being a doctor and now a patient too, I’ll take on #1, any takers for #2-21? I suspect those interested in #11- Writing might be willing or able to contribute!? 


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