Tips for Landing Your Dream Work-from-Home Role

Dean Burgess has kindly contributed another item for your delectation. I’d welcome contributions from others if pertinent to retirement and TOYL! The Corona-19 pandemic may well have necessitated more working from home rather than commuting to the office and for some the thought of returning to a commute and a busy work environment may be enough to make one think ‘Do I really need this?’ Is there another way? Can I really have that Dream Work From Home Role?? Well have a peruse of what Dean has to say and think on it!

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Many people dream about the ability to work from home. Whether you’re looking for greater freedom in your professional life or the chance to become your own boss, pursuing a remote work role is a great way to achieve your goals. And thanks to the ever-growing pool of cloud-based collaboration tools, it’s only becoming easier for teams to collaborate without meeting in person. It’s the Time Of Your Life invites you to keep reading to learn how you can find remote work that’s right for you!

Landing a Remote Job Crafting a strong resume and looking for work in less obvious places will increase your chances of landing a remote job that you love.

  • Work with Resume Writing and More for career consulting, resume writing and even assistance with your LinkedIn profile.
  • Think about how you can translate your existing skills to demonstrate that you’re a great candidate for a remote position.
  • Use simple hacks to look for remote job positions that may not be advertised to the public.

Starting a Home Business

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, consider launching a home-based business instead of applying for remote employment.

  • Make sure you really want to become an entrepreneur. While the job comes with many perks, it also means long hours, uncertainty, and no fixed income.
  • If you’re on the fence, start with a low-investment business to get a taste of entrepreneurship.
  • Choose the business idea that you feel the most passionate about, not the one that sounds the most lucrative.
  • Create a stellar business plan that details your roadmap for a successful venture.

Resources for Veterans

Veteran job seekers and business owners have access to numerous resources that can make it easier to land the remote role you’re after.

  • Apply to remote companies that have been recognized for hiring veterans and military spouses.
  • Learn how to explain your military experience in a way that makes sense to civilians.
  • Consider earning a degree in your preferred industry to distinguish yourself as a more marketable candidate. With online programs, you can even learn at your own pace.
  • If you want to start a home business, take advantage of all the funding and training resources available to veterans.

Working from home can be an amazing opportunity, but it’s not for everyone. Make sure you consider the pros and cons of holding a remote job before you commit to a home-based work environment. As long as you enjoy working independently, you have great self-discipline, and you’re a little tech-savvy, you will thrive in a remote role!

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Is there a new direction open to you and do you have the resources to go for it? It could be exciting times, a transition from TOIL to TOYL!

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