HELP! – COVID-19 – On the ‘Front Line’ – Self Isolation for ALL? (Except Health Care Workers!)

So all you TOYLers out there, I hope you are keeping safe and secure looking after yourselves so you can look after your kith and kin too.

I am on the ‘front-line’ as a General Practitioner in the UK and so far the paradox is that ‘life goes on’ whilst we are panicking that ‘We’re all going to die’ – Well rather sooner than we thought!

I am looking to write up some tips for when the seemingly certain ‘self-isolation’ comes knocking so would love it if you would help me with this. Do you have tips on what to do in ‘lock-down’?

There is only so much Netflix we can all do – although I note ‘Breaking Bad’ has 62 episodes to binge watch again!

We live in an age where SO much is available on line so there must be lots to do and learn as well as all those chores and jobs around the house – but let’s be a bit more creative here and share some practical dos and don’ts if applicable!

On a different note I hope that wherever you are you are getting similar community spirit with the fit and able offering help to neighbours – whatever negatives the media choose to focus on – currently the panic-buying of toilet tissue – there are 100’s more neighbourly volunteers out there doing wonderful things! If it’s not happening near you then maybe start something yourself!

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