Time Of Your Life – ‘Living Mid-Life Brilliantly’ – a book for women.

One of my many new year resolutions is to delegate more – the others have mainly gone by the wayside but so far dry January and losing some weight are holding firm albeit only a few weeks in!

So here is a book that attracted me, in part due to the title but also I thought I’d ask for some help and delegate to you – yes YOU!

Without being facetious and despite my age I don’t altogether understand women and nor they me and possibly other men too?

This book is clearly aimed at giving women tips to ‘Living Mid-Life Brilliantly’, now I’m sure some of this would help the other 50% – men that is, but how about someone buys the book, reviews it for this blog and I’ll refund the cost of the book for your troubles! (It’s on sale too!!) 

So onward to the author, Karen Davis and her description of her book.
Midlife women are the fastest growing demographic in the world.  Shortly, we’ll be the largest demographic in the world and that makes us very powerful. However, I hear of brands talking about us as “commercially stale” which is pretty insulting really.
What they mean is that they’re not going to include us with marketing, preferring younger women to promote their products to us on their behalf.  Even more insulting.

Time of Your Life is about re-imagining your midlife as not “commercially stale” but as a vibrant, influential part of the world community. It’s about finding your power, living well and finding the time to fulfil your dreams before entering old age in a satisfied state of mind.

This book is about how, in midlife, you can find a clear decade in which you can revisit your earlier life dreams and, if you want to, make them come true before we enter into old age.  It’s about how you need (yes, I do get a bit bossy) to live as a midlife woman, what no one has told you and the surprises along the way.  It’s about finding a Power Decade that, for once, is just about you.

Midlife is a time when we still have the energy, health and enthusiasm to see if we want to move forward with no regrets, to live life or if we are simply waiting for retirement and old age.

Of course, if you’ve created the exact life you want then crack on, this book’s not for you but if, like me, there’s a bit of unfinished business on the dreams and fulfilment front then this book is designed to help you find a way to move towards it before it’s too late.

No regrets.


If you enjoy the book, why not sign up to hear about Karen’s 2020 Power Decade Conferences, where you create your personalised Power Decade Plan with Karen and her team in an inspiring, thoughtful and life changing day.  Sign up to find out more HERE

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